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— feeling bad egg

Hawking is an old, retired detective of the Pinkerton Agency who adopts Carver in the beginning of the story. At first, he appears to Carver as a grumpy, intimidating man who lives in an asylum on Blackwell Island. When he is training Carver to be a better detective, Hawking has no patience whatsoever. Detective Hawking wants Carver to solve his mystery on his own, which continues frustrate Carver throughout the book. I chose this qoute because its explains why  Hawkings is even there

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— feeling horror

I think that one of the main characters are going to die! I can support this evidence. Its says "blood erupted form jobells chest. Her thigh tore open." Very sad moment in this book its tragic vulgar thing to happen in a childs book.

This Picture is a quote from a founding father named John Dickinson. The book im reading about how the states of America leave the union and form Pan-America. In this time all of these states are riddled with crime and no economy. The world falls into pieces due to america no being able to use their military in foreign conflicts. "

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My favorite books are mostly about historical fiction & nonfiction. the most recent titles ive read was Divided we fall, and the second prequel and currently im reading the third prequel. My current is The last full measure by trent reedy.

"I dont know how to reed